Risk Management and The Active Shooter

As witnessed in hundreds of armed attacks worldwide, no organization is immune to the risk of active shooter violence. In this one-day seminar, security consultant Craig Gundry explores the dynamics of active shooter events and effective strategies for protecting employees and the public when mass homicide erupts.

Topics include:

Dynamics of Active Shooter Risk • Risk Management Strategy and the Active Shooter Threat • Risk Assessment Models • Workplace Violence Prevention Measures • Threat Assessment and Threat Management • Suspicious Activity Recognition and Reporting • Physical Security and Facility Design • Emergency Response Preparations • Active Shooter Response Planning • Post-Incident Issues

    • Understand important characteristics of active shooter events and perpetrators essential for designing effective protective measures
    • Implement principles of security risk management in developing a comprehensive strategy for mitigating active shooter risk
    • Develop effective workplace violence prevention policies and procedures to reduce risk of insider violence
    • Develop a behavioral threat assessment plan for assessing and managing potential risk of violence by employees
    • Implement a program for suspicious activity recognition, employee threat awareness, and reporting
    • Implement principles of performance-based physical security and facility design to reduce the likelihood of mass casualties during active shooter attacks
    • Develop effective emergency response plans and supporting infrastructure for directing actions during active shooter events
    • Develop post-incident crisis management plans to assist matters such as reunification, public communications, and employee accountability

Course Details

Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 1 – No restrictions

Presentation Time
8-Hrs/1 Day (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Security Officers, Security Directors, Force Protection Personnel, Architects, Facility Management Professionals

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