Our Alumni...The lifeblood of the S2 Institute

Since our founding in 1998, over 41,000 students have graduated from S2 Institute courses throughout the world. And over those decades, we have had the opportunity to train a diverse range of students—from private security guards and front-line police officers, to the leaders of Fortune 500 security departments, Generals, and Members of Parliament.

We thank you not only for your patronage, but also for the valuable experience of working together. Every class we present – every student we interact with – is as much an opportunity for us to learn as professionals, as it is our duty to teach.

This page is a tribute dedicated to you, the S2 alumni community, for your accomplishments and support of our programs over the past 24 years. You are the lifeblood of the S2 Institute and your successful careers are the ultimate testimony to our success as a school.

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Updates from Our Alumni

If you’re a previous S2 graduate, send us an update and let us know how you’re doing. If you have photos you’d like to share from your training experience at S2, please send them to us. And if you want to be advised of alumni events and special training opportunities, be sure to keep us updated with your current contact information.

The S2 Alumni Community

Thank you for your gracious words of support!