Distance Learning Course Policies


S2 Institute Policies

Updated 17 June 2020

The policies on this page regard the S2 Institute’s on-demand distance learning programs. Programs conducted online via Zoom are treated as live courses in accordance with other policies. On-demand CEP Programs, such as the Florida “CC” Private Investigator Intern Licensing courses, are administered under CEP Program policies.

For General School Policies and additional policies related to live courses, CEP courses, and other matters, use the following links.

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Abuse of Distance Learning Course Access

Enrollment in an S2 distance learning course entitles one student access to the course lessons and test. Students enrolled in a distance learning course are prohibited from sharing access to the course with other individuals. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

1. Sharing personal user name and password with other individuals
2. Displaying course lessons in an environment where multiple people may view the course
3. Capturing, duplicating, or redistributing copyright-protected course-related materials to other individuals

Violation of these prohibitions are grounds for immediate termination of the student’s enrollment and all site user privileges. Students that violate these prohibitions may also be subject to criminal charges and/or civil liability.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Fulfillment of distance learning enrollments is instantaneous. As soon as a student has paid for a course, the student has access to the program. As such, S2 does not refund tuition for distance learning courses once a student is enrolled. If a student contacts us to cancel their enrollment within 24-hours of payment, S2 will cancel the course and provide the student with an online purchasing credit equivalent to the cost of their tuition.

Copyright of Course-Related Materials

All course-related materials, including but not limited to lesson modules, videos, slides, and course notebooks are copyright protected by The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute. The images and text used to create the lesson presentations and lesson notebooks are also copyright protected by The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and/or licensed for use by the The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute from other parties.

All forms of unauthorized download, distribution, capture, or reproduction of course lesson modules and videos is strictly prohibited. Access to these media are provided strictly for viewing online by students actively enrolled in S2 Institute courses.

Lesson notebooks are provided as a reference for students enrolled in S2 Institute courses. Students enrolled in S2 Online Academy courses are permitted to download, save, and print these documents for the purposes of note taking and future reference. Any other form of duplication, redistribution, or modification of these documents for any other purpose than academic study is strictly prohibited.

Violation of copyright is theft of intellectual property. Individuals that violate copyright prohibitions will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may be subject to additional civil penalties.

Enrollment & Payment

Students that wish to enroll in distance learning courses must register and pay through our secure online enrollment and payment system. Our secure online enrollment and payment system allows students to pay for courses by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Organizations that wish to enroll ten or more students for a course should contact us for alternative enrollment and payment options.

See also Restrictions below.


For reasons of security and public responsibility, many S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute courses are restricted to specific audiences. We require that all students applying for admission to restricted courses complete a credibility and identity verification process. The statements made by students to establish their credibility are subject to investigative verification and any misrepresentation or omission of information is grounds for rejection.

The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute reserves the right to deny admittance to anyone where satisfactory verification of qualifications or credentials have not been obtained. The Institute also reserves the right to reject any applications for enrollment in restricted courses based on its discretionary assessment of the student’s statements and/or qualifications.

All distance learning students applying for admission to restricted S2 Online Academy courses must complete an identity and qualifications verification process prior to enrollment. Students who wish to enroll in Level 1 (Unrestricted) courses do not need to complete the identity verification process and may proceed directly to course enrollment.

The online identity verification process is simple. First, the student needs to be registered as a site user. Once the student has a registered user name and password, the student must log in and request approval for a Course Authorization Level.

The student will then be prompted to complete the online identity verification questionnaire. When we receive the completed questionnaire, our admissions staff will contact the applicant’s employer and/or references to verify the student’s identity and statements. Once we have established the student’s credibility, we will grant him/her a course access level and the student will then be eligible to enroll in restricted courses. This verification process typically takes 1-3 business days to complete depending upon how much difficulty we encounter in contacting the student’s employer or references.

When the student has been granted a course access level, the student may enroll in any courses at the level to which he/she has been granted access. Identity verification is a one-time process and does not need to be completed again unless the student’s employment status changes and he/she requests access to courses at a higher level.

Click here to view the S2 Institute’s Course Restriction and Identity Verification Policy.

Testing and Grades

All S2 distance learning programs have a final examination component to measure and certify the student’s understanding of the course material. The final examination is composed of multiple-choice and true/false questions. The number of questions in the final examination varies between courses and is determined by the volume of information contained in each course.

To discourage test cheating, the questions in S2 distance learning examinations are generated randomly and no two examinations are ever the same. Although some questions may appear identical to questions included in the first exam, the answer options may be ordered differently from the original exam, or the questions may include entirely unique answers.

The minimum passing examination grade for a distance learning program is 80%. If a student scores less than 80% on the first examination, the student has one opportunity to retest.

Students that pass the course with a 70% or better examination grade will receive an Acrobat PDF version of the Certificate of Training. Students that pass the course are also eligible to purchase a hard copy version of the Certificate of Training. If a student fails both examinations, the student is not eligible for a Certificate of Training.

Students that fail the course may enroll in the course again in pursuit of a passing grade.