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Since 1998, the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute has trained thousands of professionals in security risk management and public safety topics. Over the past 22 years, S2 has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier sources for security and public safety training.

We provide classroom instruction and hands-on training at our two school locations in Florida (Tampa and Orlando), a series of joint-operated academies, and venue locations throughout the world. Through our sister company, the S2 Online Academy, we also deliver high quality distance education to students unable to attend live courses.

Beyond our operations as a school, S2’s team of subject matter experts assist clients around the world on matters related to risk assessment, security design and program improvement, emergency response planning, and public safety strategy. As consultants, our clients include a diverse range of corporations, NGOs, and government ministries.

Our Clients


Private Training Clients

In addition to public courses, S2 provides private and customized training for a diverse range of corporations and government ministries. Following is a showcase of some of our clients.

Why Choose S2


Over the past two decades, S2 has earned a global reputation as the gold standard for security and public safety training. The knowledge imparted to our graduates have enabled them to consistently ensure the safety of their charges and advance to the highest ranks of their organizations. Our reputation is not only rooted in the quality of our instruction, but your success as a member of our alumni.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our students with critical knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the challenges of today’s complex and evolving threat landscape.  

Our Vision


Our highest aim is to contribute to a safer society by arming its protectors with the capabilities to succeed in their mission. And in the process, elevating the standards of the security and public safety communities as an enduring legacy of our work.

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S2 Institute Instructors

Craig Gundry
Rory McMahon
Shannon Bryson
Community Policing & Firearms
Bram Frank
Defensive Tactics
Tim Cash
Executive Protection

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