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Expertise. Holistic Vision. Creativity.

Since 1992, S2 Institute security consultants have assisted hundreds of clients in managing a diverse range of security risks.

In many cases, our mission is accomplishing through expert application of classic security measures. Our security consultants regularly assist clients with matters such as security risk assessment, physical security design, emergency response preparation, expert witness testimony, threat assessment, and other services within the scope of well-established doctrine.

Although our security consultants are well recognized for their expertise, knowledge is only one facet of S2’s reputation.

The S2 Institute and our sister company, Critical Intervention Services, have earned unique recognition for achieving success in situations where traditional approaches to security and public safety have failed. When addressing complex and difficult risk management challenges, knowledge alone is often insufficient. Effective solutions often require an artful combination of expertise, holistic vision, and innovative mindset.

Over the years, our security consulting clients have provided us the opportunity to apply our talents to a diverse range of challenges—urban crime and social disorder, terrorism, school violence, and more. And we are honored that the unique risk management strategies produced by our security consultants have been endorsed as new best practices standards by professional peers, news media, and academic researchers around the world.



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