Emergency Response Planning Workshop

Emergency Response Planning Workshop – TEMPLATE

Emergency Response Planning Workshop

City, Nation |  9-13 November 2020

On 10-14 August 2020, the S2 Institute will be presenting a three-day, 24-hour version of the S2 Emergency Response Planning Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.

The S2 Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Workshop is designed with two aims. First, instruct security, emergency management, and risk management professionals in the dynamics of emergency response and critical issues in preparing for crisis situations at the facility-level. Second, assist organizations in developing or improving current emergency response plans and supporting infrastructure.

The information presented in this course reflects best practices in emergency management as applied in both the government and commercial sectors of the security industry.

As an interactive workshop program, attendees will participate in a series of in-class exercises designed to assist students in assessing their organization’s readiness, infrastructure, and authoring effective facility emergency response plans (ERP).

Topics include:

Principles of Emergency Management • Risk Assessment • Emergency Team Planning • Emergency Communications • Facility Design & Preparations • Functional Planning • All-Hazard Event Planning • Emergency Event Procedures • Employee Training • Drill and Exercise Planning

NOTE: To achieve best value from this course, bring your current facility emergency response plans for use during in-class exercises. As one of the major benefits of this workshop, attendees graduating this course have opportunity to achieve a significant head start in authoring new and improved facility-specific emergency response plans.

    • Understand emergency management principles and concepts of integrated all-hazard emergency response planning.
    • Establish an effective organizational emergency response team.
    • Design effective emergency communications infrastructure.
    • Author all-hazards emergency response plans (ERPs) with consideration to organization and clarity, effective procedures, and critical safety matters.
    • Develop effective plans and preparations to expedite post-incident recovery and minimize common real-world problems encountered by organizations in the aftermath of crisis events.
    • Understand critical response priorities and safety measures for reducing risk during crisis events.
    • Design an effective program for training employees, organizational drills, and tabletop exercises for testing and improving ERPs.

Course Details


Group enrollment discounts are available. Contact us for details.

Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 1 – No Restrictions

Scandic Palace Hotel

Presentation Time
24-Hrs/3 Days (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Security Directors, Emergency Management Professionals, Business Continuity Professionals, and Risk Managers

Students that wish to enroll and pay for this course by email should download and complete the S2 Course Enrollment Form (PDF). When completed, email the form with payment information to: info@s2institute.com


Jan 01 - 03 2020


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