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Entry Point Screening

As demonstrated in numerous attacks worldwide, terrorists have been continuously developing and refining tactics for delivering hazardous devices through facility entry points. Even the best designed access control system can fail if the screening procedures used by security personnel are ineffective in addressing the spectrum of deceptive and covert techniques used by terrorists to penetrate entry points.

In this training session, force protection expert Craig Gundry unravels the methods used by terrorists and provides effective guidelines for screening and searching people and vehicles at access control stations.

Topics include:

Entry Point Design Considerations • Screening Human Entrants • Documents Examination • Detecting Behavioral Threat Indicators • Search of Hand-Carried Objects • Vehicle Inspection Procedures • VBIED Threat Indicators • Tactical Issues

This course is currently only offered as a third day extension to the standard ATO course for groups or as a distance learning course through the S2 Online Academy.

Distance Learning Option

This program is also available as a distance learning course through the S2 Online Academy. Click here for details.


For details about hosting this course, contact:

       Craig Gundry, CPS, CHS-III
       DIrector of Special Projects
       Email: cgundry@s2institute.com


For details about hosting this class on conjunction with the S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer course, contact:

       Amy O'Rourke
       Tel. (727) 461-0066
       Email: info@s2institute.com

Craig Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Group, On-Site, Tampa: $800.00
Group, On-Site: $1,400.00

This course is only offered as a third day extension to the standard ATO course for groups.

Distance Learning Option:
YES - Click here for details

Restriction Level:
Level 2 - Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Presentation Time:
2-Hrs (Classroom) + 1-3 Hrs (Hands-on depending on group size)

Security Supervisors, Security Officers, Force Protection Personnel, Police Officers Assigned to Anti-Terrorism Activities