Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Program

On-Demand Course | 40-Hours

The distance learning edition of the S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Program is designed to prepare security and law enforcement professionals for assignments involving the protection of facilities against terrorist attack. This program provides a detailed exploration of contemporary terrorist methods and essential skills and knowledge necessary for managing terrorism-related risks.

Summary of topics include:

Introduction to Terrorism • Dynamics of Terrorist Attacks • Advanced IED Threat M.O. • Chem-Bio Terrorism • AT Countermeasures & Risk Management Concepts • Protective Counterintelligence/OPSEC • Physical Security Design and Entry Control Planning • Blast & Weapons Effects Mitigation • Mail Security Planning • Emergency Response Planning & Infrastructure Design • Response to Armed Attacks • Bomb Threat Management • Suspect IED & VBIED Response • Post-Blast Response CBRN Attack Response

Course Details

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Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 2 – Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Expected Completion Time
40 Hours

Security Professionals, Force Protection Officers, LE Professionals Assigned to Anti-Terrorism Activities

50-questions, multiple-choice

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