School Security Officer Course

The S2 School Security Officer training course is designed to prepare security officers/guards for the specialized assignment of working in schools. This course was developed to assist school districts and independent schools in establishing a standardized level of knowledge and skill among their security officers, maximizing performance, and ensuring effective integration within school communities.

The information presented in this course reflects best practices in school security in alignment with the standards of the Guardian SafeSchool Program®. The strategies and methods presented in this course are based on the instructors’ extensive experience working as school security consultants and assisting organizations around the world in managing risks of targeted violence.

Summary of topics include:

Role and Responsibilities of School Security Officers • Dynamics of Crime and Violence in Schools • Risk Management and School Security • School Climate and Culture • School Security Related Laws & Liabilities • Adolescent Psychology and Youth Social Dynamics • Communications and Network Building • Contemporary Youth Substance Abuse • Physical Security and Access Control in Schools • Emergency Response Procedures

NOTE: This course was developed to specifically address many officer training problems observed in the instructors’ consulting activities and weaknesses in current School Resource Officer (SRO) courses. See the program history and peer review report below for more details.

    • Understand the spectrum of security threats and risk events associated with schools
    • Understand relevant State and Federal laws related to crime, student privacy, and security operations in schools
    • Proactively interact with faculty, students, and parents to identify and resolve problem situations and reinforce positive school climate and culture
    • Recognize and report indications of bullying, crisis situations (e.g., suicidality, child abuse, chronic drug abuse, etc.), gang activity, and social conflict within the school community
    • Recognize common substances of abuse, drug paraphernalia, and students under the influence of drugs
    • Understand the pathway to targeted aggression in schools and factors contributing to school violence
    • Recognize warning behaviors associated with targeted violence in schools
    • Provide support for school threat assessment activities and/or effectively participate as a threat assessment team member
    • Understand the principles of performance-based physical security and the role of security officers in intrusion response
    • Recognize critical vulnerabilities in school physical security design and suggest effective solutions for improvement
    • Understand access control practices in schools and effectively support campus entry control activities
    • Recognize and safely respond to potential trespassers on campus
    • Understand the principles of school emergency management and roles of Emergency Response Team members
    • Effectively respond to a full spectrum of school emergencies including active shooter events, bomb threats, precautionary lockdowns, hostage incidents, medical emergencies, weather emergencies, indoor and outdoor hazardous materials incidents, and fires
    • Understand the process of school reunification as necessary to support reunification activities

Course Details

Craig Gundry
Jay Pace
Shannon Bryson

Restriction Level
Level 1 – No restrictions

Presentation Time
Basic Program: 24-Hrs/3 Days (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Security Officers & Security Guards Employed by School Districts and Independent/Private Schools

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