Harvey McGeorge

Until his passing in 2009, Dr. Harvey “Jack” McGeorge was S2’s primary instructor for advanced WMD and intelligence seminars. Dr. McGeorge was the President of the Public Safety Group, a Virginia-based company specializing in chemical and biological (CB) defense issues, and a certified United Nations Weapons Inspector. Dr. McGeorge was also a frequent consultant on CB terrorism and defense for the U.S. intelligence, military, and law enforcement communities.

Dr. McGeorge’s extensive career included experience as a UNMOVIC weapons inspector, U.S. Secret Service Technical Services Agent, White House Advisor on CB Weapons, special operations instructor, and USMC EOD technician. For his contributions to the defense and international public safety communities, Dr. McGeorge was the first American to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree from Russia’s GosNIIOKhT, the State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology.

Dr. McGeorge was regarded by many defense and intelligence community insiders as one of the nation’s top experts on chemical and biological weapons.

Although Dr. McGeorge is no longer with us, his legacy of knowledge remains preserved through several of our distance learning programs.