Physical Security Design & Anti-Terrorism Course

On-Demand Course | 14-Hours

The S2 Physical Security Design & Anti-Terrorism Course provides a detailed examination of facility design and physical protection concepts and specialized measures for mitigating risks of terrorist attack.

Summary of topics include:

Principles of Physical Protection System Design • Threat Definition & Design Basis Threats • Intrusion & Attack Detection Systems & Applications • CCTV & Alarm Assessment • Security Lighting • Security Post & Patrol Planning • Security Operations Centers • Standoff Distance & Barrier Systems • Physical Security & Bullet-Resistance Standards • Anti-Personnel Barriers • Secure Entrance Design • Safe Refuge Rooms • Access Control Systems • Secure Egress Design • Response Force Deployment • Anti-Vehicle Barriers • Vehicle Entry Control Point Design • Entry Control & Screening Measures • Contraband Screening Technologies • Protection Against Projected Charges, Mortars, & UAVBIEDs • Blast Mitigation Measures • Chem-Bio Protective Design Measures • Protection Against IEMI Attacks

Course Details

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Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 2 – Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Expected Completion Time
14 Hours

Security Professionals, Force Protection Officers, Architects, & Industrial Engineers

25-questions, multiple-choice

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