Florida Class “G” Armed Security Officer Requalification


S2 is presently conducting Class G license requalification programs weekly in the Tampa and Orlando areas.  However, to ensure the safety of our staff and students, all students are required to comply with COVID-19 restrictions as described further on this page.

The State of Florida requires that all Florida License G” Armed Security Officers requalify at least once per year with the type of handgun that they carry on duty. S2 provides annual Class “G” refresher training and requalification on a monthly basis at our firearms training location, the Wyoming Anteloupe Club.

Students that successfully requalify will be given proof of requalification to provide to the State to maintain their Class “G” license.

Class “G” Requalification is conducted at the Wyoming Antelope Club in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Orlando: Class “G” Requalification in the Orlando area is conducted at a range in Groveland, FL

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Course Details

Tampa: $85.00
(includes ammo)
Orlando: $65.00
(includes ammo)

$55 Second Weapon Qualification
$20 Firearm Rental

Presentation Time
4-Hrs (8:00am to 12:30pm)

Class “G” License Holders

Upcoming Class Dates

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