Counterterrorism Intelligence & Crisis Management Symposium

The S2 Counterterrorism Intelligence and Crisis Management Symposium is designed to instruct senior intelligence officers in strategies and tactics for collecting and exploiting terrorism related intelligence, crisis management, and developing improved leadership skills. The primary objective of this program is to prepare senior intelligence officers for assignments that require leadership of terrorist intelligence collection and assessment activities.

The information explored in this symposium reflects best practices in terrorism intelligence as based on US DoD, National Clandestine Service, and classic counterterrorism and intelligence doctrine among western intelligence and military entities.

Parallel with this seminar, cultural activities are scheduled during non-event days to provide visiting students with an opportunity to experience the United States and American people.

The S2 Counterterrorism Intelligence and Crisis Management Symposium was originally developed at the behest of a U.S. Government agency for purposes of improving the operational capabilities of allied intelligence professionals. Although the original symposium was developed for a custom application, a version of this program exists for U.S. Government personnel as an advanced-level professional development course.

    • Understand the intentions and capabilities of terrorists
    • Develop CT/AT related intelligence requirements and plan collection strategies
    • Plan collection activities and quickly respond/exploit unique opportunities
    • Assess and collate intelligence information
    • Understand the analytical processes necessary for assessing intelligence information to determine terrorist threat intentions and capabilities and identify pre-incident indicators
    • Effectively task and lead subordinate units and personnel in accomplishing mission activities
    • Identify and assess operational risk and utilize risk management principles in operational planning
    • Assess potential crisis situations and design timely strategies to mitigate the effects of crises

Course Details

Lead Instructor
N.W. [Name Withheld]

Restriction Level
Level 3 – U.S. Government Sponsored Attendees

Presentation Time
80-Hrs/10-Days (8:30am to 4:30pm)
Schedule may be altered upon request.

Senior Intelligence Officers

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