Church Security Planning Workshop

The S2 Institute Church Security Planning Workshop is a one-day seminar designed to educate leaders about effective security and emergency readiness measures for reducing risk of active shooter violence in houses of worship. In this program, security consultant Craig Gundry presents a comprehensive risk management strategy specifically designed to address the unique challenges of protecting church congregations while promoting an atmosphere conducive to worship and spiritual celebration.

To assist church officials in assessing their current security measures and identifying potential options for improvement, a series of self-assessment exercises are conducted through the course of the program.

The protective measures and emergency preparations explored during the Church Security Planning Workshop reflect state-of-the-art practices in church security and lessons learned from previous attacks against houses of worship. Emphasis in this program is placed on common problems encountered by churches and practical solutions based on the instructor’s extensive experience working with houses of worship and similar facilities around the world.

Summary of topics include:

Dynamics of Active Shooter Violence in ChurchesSecurity Risk Management Strategy Suspicious Activity Recognition and Reporting • Psychology of Targeted Violence • Threat Assessment and Church Security • Physical Security and Houses of Worship • Church Security Team Planning • Emergency Response Planning and Preparation

    • Understand important principles about security risk management in schools
    • Develop and implement policies and procedures to reinforce positive school climate and culture
    • Reconcile potential conflicts between security issues and school climate and culture
    • Understand the pathway to targeted violence and dynamics of mass homicide in schools
    • Recognize warning behaviors and students who may be progressing toward violence
    • Develop a student threat assessment plan and implement effective procedures in conducting threat assessments
    • Understand the principles of effective physical security design as applicable to schools
    • Recognize critical vulnerabilities in school physical security and emergency infrastructure, and prescribe effective improvements
    • Develop effective emergency response plans for dictating actions during imminently-dangerous events
    • Develop a school reunification plan

Course Details

Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 1 – No restrictions

Presentation Time
8-Hrs/1 Days (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Church Leaders, Church Directors, Heads of Church Security Teams

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