Chemical & Biological Terrorism Technology & Tactics

On-Demand Course | 2-Hours

Few topics in the domain of anti-terrorism have been obfuscated by incomplete and inaccurate information as the subject of chemical and biological terrorism. In this 2-hour lesson module, S2 instructor Craig Gundry explores the dynamics of chem-bio terrorism including characteristics of CB agents, dissemination methods, facility attack scenarios, and historical case studies.

Summary of topics include:

Unique CB Weapons Capabilities • Terrorist CB Attack History • Exposure & Dose Concepts • Chemical & Biological Agents • Differences Between Chem-Bio Warfare & Terrorism • Dissemination of CB Agents • Facility Attack Scenarios

Course Details

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Craig Gundry

Restriction Level
Level 2 – Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Expected Completion Time
2 Hours

Security Professionals, Mail Room Supervisors

10-questions, multiple-choice

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