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Advance Firearms 3: Force-on-Force Confrontation
Course ID: AF503-OS
Regular Price: $175.00
S2 Member Price: $140.00
Date: 02/14/2013
Location: Largo Campus Classroom B
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Your average heart rate during a visit to the range is usually below 100 bpm. In a hostile environment where the target is not a piece of paper but a 3-dimensional moving, thinking, and armed assailant your heart rate can hit 210 bpm and trigger a variety of effects from increased adrenaline flow to tunnel vision. It is easy to see that the physiological and psychological impact of such an encounter is far different from stationary line shooting at the range.

AF-3 brings students to the edge with stimulus based training in Force-on-Force and Shoot / Don't Shoot scenarios using Simunitions® FX Marker Cartridges. AF-3 is one of several new S2 programs that incorporate Simunitions® utilizing the M4/AR carbines and handgun platforms.

AF-3 Force-On-Force is a Level 2 program restricted to verified security and law enforcement professionals. AF-3 uses a variety of realistic scenarios to prepare students for engagements in urban environments. Some of the training exercises used in AF-3 include building searches, weapon retention, discretionary shooting, and movement drills including cover-to-contact.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The intense nature of this course requires exceptional care to ensure the safety of students and instructors. Any student that violates the safety rules or demonstrates poor weapon control under stress will be excused from the course.