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As stated in Florida Chapter 493, F.S., applicants for licensure as private investigators (Class "C" Licenses) that do not possess the required experience may apply for an intern license (Class "CC" License) if they have the sponsorship of a Class "C" License Holder and complete an approved training course focusing on general investigative techniques and Chapter 493, F.S.

The required training program for Florida private investigator interns is broken into two parts, Part 1 / "Course A" (24-hours) and Part 2 / "Course B" (16-hours). The 24-hour Part 1 program ("Course A") and the 16-hour Part 2 program ("Course B") along with both examinations must be completed prior to applying for the license. The applicant must submit documentation confirming that he/she has completed both courses and passed both exams (Florida form DACS-16062) with the application for licensure.

In order to address the training requirements for intern private investigators as specified in Florida Chapter 493 and 5N-1.140., the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute offers career education training via our online distance learning system. The S2 Florida Private Investigator Intern Program is organized into two parts, Part 1 (24-hours) and Part 2 (16-hours), coinciding with "Course A" (24-hours) and "Course B" (16-hours) as defined in FAC 5N-1.140.

Please click the following links for more information or to enroll in a Florida Private Investigator Intern program.

Florida State Resources

Florida Chapter 493, F.S.

Class "C" License Application

Class "CC" License Application

Florida Private Investigator Handbook (Adobe PDF)

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)

Florida Private Investigator Intern Training Program
FL Private Investigator Intern Training Program, Part 1 (24-Hour Initial Class)
FL Private Investigator Intern Training Program, Part 2 (16-Hour Follow-Up Class)

NOTE: The Florida Intern Private Investigator program is licensed and regulated under the Florida Department of Education as a Career Education Program. The application and enrollment process, policies, and administration process for these programs is different than the systems used for administering our standard professional development courses. Please read the Career Education Program policies carefully before applying for admission.


Students located outside of Florida that wish to enroll in a comprehensive private investigations course should enroll in our standard Private Investigations Courses. Click here for more information.



Ashley Casey
Director of Student Affairs

Monday-Friday / 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
(727) 461-0066


“The combination of the slide presentation and the instructor video gives a reasonable fascimile of a classroom environment. I find this far superior to the simple slide show type presentation. Most people are familiar with classroom instruction and that familiarity should provide a comfortable learning arena.”

R. Leone
MSCFE, U.S. Navy

“The distance courses I took were excellent. They are full of relevant and useful information. I hope to take many more courses in the near future. Thank you for this wonderful educational opportunity.”

G. M.
U.S. Army Reservist & Police Officer