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The S2 Online Academy tutorial is broken into three pages. Navigate the tutorial by using the links below:

Part 1: Enrollment

Part 2: Completing the Course

Part 3: Testing & Certification (see below)

Part 3: Testing & Certification

Once you have completed all lessons, you should be ready to take the final examination.

From the course home page, click the link titled "Final Examination." This link will first direct you to the course evaluation form. Your feedback is important to us and critical in our effort to perfect our distance learning programs. Please take a few minutes to complete this form and provide us with your opinions of the course and suggestions for future improvement. Once you complete the feedback form, click the “Continue” button to submit your evaluation and proceed to the Final Examination.

The final examination is composed of multiple-choice and true/false questions. Proceed question-by-question and mark your choices by checking the radio buttons that best describe the correct answers. The number of questions in the final examination varies between courses and is determined by the volume of information contained in each course.

Once you have selected an answer for each exam question, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the exam page. Next, our server will automatically grade your exam and provide you with instant notification of your exam score. Your course transcript, accessible on the "My Account" page, will also be automatically updated.

In accordance with S2 Institute policy, the minimum passing grade for a distance learning program is 80%. If you scored less than 80%, you will have one opportunity to retest. We recommend that you review the course material to bolster your knowledge of any topics that you had difficulty with on the first exam before taking the examination a second time. When you are ready to retest, simply click the link for the final examination again and complete the new test as you did previously.

To discourage test cheating, the questions in S2 distance learning examinations are generated randomly and no two examinations are ever the same. Although some questions may appear identical to questions included in the first exam, the answer options may be ordered differently from the original exam, or the questions may include entirely unique answers. Be sure to treat the second examination as a completely new test.

Certificate of Training

Once you have passed the course, a Certificate of Training is automatically generated in Acrobat PDF format. You can download and print this certificate directly from the "My Courses" table located on the "My Account" page.

If you would like us to mail you a copy of your Certificate of Training that is suitable for framing, click the link titled "Buy" under the link for the PDF certificate. This will take you to a shopping cart item for purchasing a hard copy Certificate of Training. Choose the appropriate options for framing, and purchase the certificate through our secure payment system.