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ATR 208 Response to Terrorist Incidents (ATO)

Presented By: Craig S. Gundry

Presentation Time: 2 Hours 43 Minutes

Restriction Level: 2 (Verified Security & Law Enforcement)
ATR 208, "Response to Terrorist Incidents (ATO)", provides anti-terrorism students with safe and realistic guidelines for responding to terrorist events and aiding emergency responders with the early stages of critical incident management.
Incident Response Scenarios
Response Priorities
Weapons of Mass Destruction
    WMD Response Authority
Bomb Threat Response
    Bomb Threat Motives
        Malevolent Bomb Threat Strategies
    Bomb Threat Planning Considerations
    Search and Response Approaches
        Security Team Approach
        Employee Work Area Search
        Police Directed Search
    Search Safety
    Security Team Search Walk Through
        Managing Bomb Threat Calls
        Search Procedures
    Response to Suspicious Objects
Suspicious Vehicle Response
    Initial Alert & Refuge
    TSWG Evacuation and Refuge Guidelines
    Refuge Procedures
    Evacuation Procedures
Post-Blast Response
    Types of Post-Blast Scenarios
        Localized Bombings
            Characteristics of Localized Bombings
            Facility Damage
            Casualties and Injury Types
            Post-Blast Hazards
            Localized Response Procedures
        Conventional Weapon of Mass Destruction Incidents
            Characteristics of CWMD Incidents
            Facility Damage
            Casualties and Injury Types
            Post-Blast Hazards
            CWMD Public Safety Response
            CWMD Response Scenarios
            CWMD Facility Response Guidelines
                Important Safety Guidelines
                Post-Incident Recovery Issues
Chemical & Biological Attack Response
    Unique Response Issues
    Key Players
    Public Safety Response Sequence
    Facility-Level Response
        Attack Recognition
            Chemical Attack Indicators
            Biological Attack Indicators
        Response to Indoor Aerosol/Vapor Attacks
            Expedient Respiratory and Skin Protection
            Emergency Decontamination
        Response to Outdoor Aerosol/Vapor Attacks
            Shelter-In-Place Procedures
            Emergency Evacuation Procedures
        Response to Covert CB Attacks
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Anti-Terrorism Officer Program