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The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute is Florida's leading provider of Class "D" and "G" Security Officer License training. In addition to being one of the only schools in Florida to offer security officer license training every week of the year, S2's Class "D" and "G" instructors bring decades of real-world experience to the classroom providing our students with an informative, exciting, and practical learning experience.

The Florida Class "D" and "G" Courses are offered at both our Tampa and Orlando locations.

Click the links below for information about our security officer license training and State-approved weapon qualification programs.


Florida Security Officer License Training
Basic Security Officer Course
(Class "D" License Training, Full 40-Hour Class)
Armed Security Officer Course
(Class "G" License Training)
Class "G" Annual Requalification
Qualification Courses for Special Weapons
(As required for State-Issued Waivers)
AR-15 Carbine Qualification
Shotgun Qualification
"I came to the course being forewarned by others who had attended courses from other schools to be prepared to sit there for two days and do nothing but watch movies and listen to boring lectures about what the law requires. What I found in Jay Pace was a highly motivated speaker who was thoroughly knowledgable about the subjects he taught and made them extremely exciting and interesting to listen to...I plan to recommend your course to others in my field so that they may benefit as well. Thank you again and let me say what a super job Jay and you did on your presentations."
J. Zagar, CIC, CRM
Poms & Associates