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Human Intelligence Operations
For Special Operations Personnel

The S2 Human Intelligence Operations course is designed to prepare US military special operations and military intelligence personnel for missions in support of human intelligence (HUMINT) operations in hostile environments. In this intensive 14-day course, a former CIA Supervisory Operations Officer, provides students with a practical understanding of HUMINT methodology and tradecraft in accordance with National Clandestine Service (NCS) operational doctrine.

Significant emphasis in this course is placed on practical application of HUMINT methodology. The lead instructor draws on his previous experience in dismantling Al-Qaeda operations overseas and his time as a Chief of Station to present students with practical advice for maximizing success and avoiding mistakes in HUMINT operations.

The information in this program is presented through an intense combination of lectures and field exercises. The challenging structure of this program is modeled similar to the final weeks of the CIA Field Training Course and is designed to prepare students for HUMINT mission tasks in the shortest possible period of time.

Topics include:

Introduction to Human Intelligence Operations • The US Intelligence Community • The Intelligence Process • Intelligence Collection Methods • Human Intelligence Methodology • HUMINT Targeting • Operational Planning and Proposal Development • Agent Assessment, Development, & Recruitment • Agent Handling • Elicitation and Debriefing • Intelligence Reporting • Principles of Clandestine Operations • Covert Communications • Clandestine Personal Meetings • Surveillance Detection • Working with Others • Special Considerations for CT Operations • CT Intelligence Exploitation • Hostile Environment Tradecraft

NOTE: The standard version of this seminar is presented at an UNCLASSIFIED level. This course may be presented at a SECRET or TOP SECRET level for organizations with appropriate clearances and facilities.

Custom Courses

In addition to the standard 14-day program, custom course configurations can be designed to meet the specific training needs of client organziations including leadership workshops and advanced skill development training for working HUMINT personnel.


This program is currently only offered as a special course for the US Department of Defense and other approved US Government Agencies. For details about hosting this course, contact:

       Craig Gundry
       Email: cgundry@s2institute.com

N.W. (Name Witheld)

Group: $ POR

This course is only offered as a group program. Contact us for details.

Distance Learning Option:
Yes (Limited Version)

Restriction Level:
Level 3 - US Government Only

Presentation Time:
14-Days / 12-Hours Per Day

Special Operations Personnel, Military Intelligence Personnel, Other USG Agency Intelligence Officers

Class Size Restriction:
10 Students

Dates and Enrollment Options:
This class is offered as an on-site course for US Government Agencies. Contact S2 for details.