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Assessing Terrorism Related Risk

This workshop is designed to aid security and public safety planners in developing an effective methodology for evaluating terrorism-related risk. This program introduces the various types of terrorism-related risk and walks the students through the process of conducting a qualitative risk assessment. Exercises are used to aid the students in understanding the process of risk assessment and how to apply risk management principles in anti-terrorism and security planning.

Topics include:

Principles of Risk Management • Characteristics of Terrorism-Related Risk • Asset Assessment • Threat Assessment • Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies • Evaluating Risks • Identifying Countermeasures Options • Countermeasures Cost/Benefit Analysis

To download a complete description and outline of the S2 Assessing Terrorism related Risk Workshop in Adobe PDF format, click "HERE."

Paris, France 12-15 November 2018


This course is presented to private groups as on-site training. For details about hosting this course, contact:

       Craig Gundry
       Email: cgundry@s2institute.com

Student Comments

“I just returned to the Washington area after attending the Terrorism Related Risks 2 day course. This email is sent as kudos for a very interesting and informative course that will be of value to me and others that I interact with. Mr. Gundry is an outstanding instructor who displays a deep understanding of his subject, who keeps the interest of the students and created a solid course... Please note, that I am an intelligence and security professional with 40 years of experience in the field. I am currently the principal Analytical Risk Management instructor/facilitator for the DoD [REDACTED] Academy and taught the subject for [REDACTED] et al for some four years prior to my stint with [REDACTED]. I mention this to emphasize Mr. Gundry's evident expertise in the subject and the fact that old guys like me still have much to learn from others.”

A. Pattakos, CPP, OCP (Colonel, USA-Ret)
Beta Analytics International

"The level of teaching was impressive. Craig did not skip a beat...I felt it was a large amount of information covered in a reasonable period of time and was put out in a manner that was understandable...Very informative!"

A. Volonino
Security Consultant

“Excellent, comprehensive course. Mr. Gundry is very knowledgable and is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend this course to other security and AT professionals.”

US Coast Guard

“The material was all new for me, but Mr. Gundry presented the course in a very informative and exciting format. The course opens a door for me into an entirely novel way of thinking.”

B. Brown, MD

Craig Gundry, CPS, CHS-III

Group, On-Site: $ POR

Distance Learning Option:

Restriction Level:
Level 2 - Verified Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Only

Presentation Time:
32-Hrs/4 Days (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Security Managers, Facility Managers, Emergency Planners, City/Gov’t Planning Officials

Class Size Restriction:
No Restriction

Dates and Enrollment Options:

Paris, France


This course is presented to private groups or as open-enrollment seminars in special configurations. Following is a list of scheduled courses based on the S2 ATRR workshop:

No courses scheduled at this time

Please Note:
Students wishing to enroll in an advanced live classroom course with a Level 2 restriction, the following is required:

If registering and prepaying online, you must complete the online Level 2 verification form.

If registering as a walk in student, you must bring a photo ID, current security license, Agency ID or letter from your employer stating that you are currently employed in the security field.

Please read and familiarize yourself with our restriction policies before registration or the first day of a class.

Questions? Please call The S2 Institute at 727-461-0066