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As an alternative to sending personnel to our facility for training, most S2 Institute programs can be conducted on-site at client locations. For the price of sending several people to an out-of-town course, organizations can often host an S2 program inhouse and provide training for their entire staff...better yet, with no loss of time due to travel.

Additionally, by extending invitations to other local agencies, hosting a seminar can provide an excellent opportunity to network and solidify relationships with other local contacts. Many S2 clients have discovered that invitational training sessions are an effective tool for building trust and confidence between their organization and others.

S2 has provided on-site training for numerous corporations and government agencies including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, US Department of Justice, and US Special Operations Command.

Customized Training

If an existing course does not comply directly with client requirements, S2 instructors may create a custom training program to meet the specific needs of the host organization. Prices for customized training are quoted on a case-by-case basis to account for presentation time plus the time required to develop the modified or new curriculum and support media.

Multilingual Instruction

Although most S2 instructors are native English speakers, most courses can be presented in other languages with simultaneous translation from English. Over the past several years, S2 has presented a number of courses with live translation into Arabic, Azerbaijani, Georgian, and Russian.

Fees and Billing

Prices for private training programs are quoted on a day-by-day rate for instructor time plus any time required for special preparations, course modifications, etc. If the host location is outside of the Tampa Bay area, there are usually additional charges for travel time.

The host will be charged for all instructor transportation and lodging expenses including air fare, car rental or taxi fees, and hotel expenses. The host may coordinate travel and lodging directly or may leave travel coordination to the S2 staff.

Each student attending the course will receive a course notebook or handouts. The host will be provided with a copy of the training manual or handouts in Adobe PDF format for duplication prior to the class. If the host wishes S2 to provide the student references, training manuals or handouts will be provided for an additional fee.

Student Restrictions

For reasons of security and public responsibility, S2 requests that all students attending restricted courses meet eligibility criteria as set forth by S2 Institute policy. The host is responsible for verifying the identity and eligibility all invited students.

Although the information in most S2 programs is UNCLASSIFIED, some courses may be optionally presented at a SECRET level. In these cases, the host is responsible for providing appropriate facilities and providing necessary proof of facility and personnel clearances.

Presentation Requirements

For courses that are conducted primarily as lectures, the host will need to provide the following items on the days of the course:

Private classroom with appropriate seating for the number of students in attendance
Windows-compatible audio-visual projector (and extra bulb)
Projection screen and display table

Although the instructor will bring a laptop computer for presentation, it is recommended that the host have an extra laptop computer present loaded with MS PowerPoint in the event of a technical problem during the presentation.

Courses with hands-on physical exercises may require unique facilities or training environments. If this is required, the host will be expected to provide all necessary assistance in locating special training locations.

Scheduling an S2 On-Site Course

Due to our busy project schedule, we recommend contacting us at least 60 days prior to any desired training dates to confirm the instructor’s availability. Once dates have been agreed upon, the host must provide a purchase order or signed contract to secure the proposed training dates.

For more information about hosting a program, contact S2 at (727) 461-0066 or send an email to: info@s2institute.com.

S2 Instructor Robert Spano teaching a group of security officers. (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 2009)
Class Photo. Assessing Terrorism Related Risk Workshop, sponsored by the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe. (Baku, Azerbaijan. 2009)
Class Photo. Anti-Terrorism Officer Course, presented under sponsorship of Precept Management Consultancy. (Dubai, UAE. 2008)
Courses Available for On-Site Presentation
Anti-Terrorism Officer
(ATO) Basic Course (2-Days)
Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Advanced Course (4-Days)
ATO Search & Screening (1-Day)
Assessing Terrorism Related Risk (2-Days)

Bomb Incident Response
Chemical & Biological Terorrism for Security Professionals (1-Day)
Defense Against Hazardous Mailings
(3 Classes/1-Day)
Suicide Terrorism (1-Day)
Firearms, Tactics, & Secondary Weapons
CRIMPT (Close Range Medium Impact Tool) (2-Days)
Executive/VIP Protection
Executive Protection Operations Course (5-Days)
Executive Protection Advanced Operations Course (14-Days)
Principles of Protective Services & Detail Operations (3-Days)
PSD Close Protection Training, Simunition AOP Drills (2-Days)
Human Intelligence for Special Operations Personnel (14-Days)
Human Intelligence for Law Enforcement (1-Day)
Law Enforcement
Human Trafficking Investigation (1-Day)
Terrorism Financing & Money Laundering (2-Days)
Class Photo. Security Risk Assessment Course, presented under sponsorship of Precept Management Consultancy. (Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2009)
Class Photo. Anti-Terrorism Officer Course, sponsored by the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe. (Tbilisi, Georgia. 2008)
Class Photo. Anti-Terrorism Officer Course. (Sydney, Australia. 2009)