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The S2 Online Academy provides students of the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute with the same high-quality and cutting edge training programs in a distance learning format. These courses are specifically geared for the busy working professional who doesn’t have the time to travel or the time to sit in a classroom all day. For budget-conscious organizations, S2's online courses also offer a cost-effective way to train personnel without incurring travel expenses or lost productivity due to training time.

All distance learning courses offered by the S2 Institute are presented through the S2 Online Academy’s virtual classroom system. While other online training programs limit the learning experience to reading course material and listening to audio lectures, the S2 virtual classroom system uses Macromedia Flash-driven slides and streaming video of mastered instructor presentations to provide a dynamic learning environment unequaled by anything short of a live classroom.

Some of the features of S2 Online Academy courses include:

High Quality Content & Delivery
All S2 online course instructors are carefully selected for the exceptionally high level of content in their classes and the instructor’s skill in presentation. S2 courses have long been known for their depth of information and practical, real world focus. Rather than present the same old information repeated over and again in other commercial and government courses, S2 instructors 'tell it the way it is' and provide valuable insight on issues based on decades of experience. Even the most experienced working professional will be impressed with the amount of new information learned in S2 online courses.
On-Demand Availability
With the S2 Online Academy, there is no need to wait until future course dates or twist appointments to attend a classroom program. Distance learning students can enroll at any time and complete course lessons at the times that best suit their schedule.
Intuitive Learning Environment
The S2 Online Academy virtual classroom system is very simple to use. Once a student is registered, the student simply needs to print out the lesson notebook and launch the lesson. The rest is automatic.

Click here to view a demo of the S2 Online Academy virtual classroom system.

Click here for more information about the S2 virtual classroom system.

Online Testing
To provide standardized documentation of course completion, all S2 Online Academy courses have a final examination that is scored and recorded in the student’s Transcript of Training (available from the My Accounts page). Once a student is ready, the student can launch the examination and complete the test online.
Low Cost
Distance learning students save hundreds of dollars in travel expenses and lost work time. Additionally, S2 online course tuition fees average between 25-50% less than the tuition charged by other organizations for online training.

“I have been involved in instructor-led courseware development and delivery, web-delivered multimedia educational programs, and a variety of educational delivery systems for many years. Your program was well designed and your instructor had not only excellent delivery skills but brought real-word experience to the platform with him.”

J. Bardwell
Connect802 Corporation

“The combination of the slide presentation and the instructor video gives a reasonable fascimile of a classroom environment. I find this far superior to the simple slide show type presentation. Most people are familiar with classroom instruction and that familiarity should provide a comfortable learning arena.”

R. Leone
MSCFE, U.S. Navy

“The distance courses I took were excellent. They are full of relevant and useful information. I hope to take many more courses in the near future. Thank you for this wonderful educational opportunity.”

G. M.
U.S. Army Reservist & Police Officer

New Online Courses
Ethics and Private Investigations
Florida Statutes for Private Investigators
Human Intelligence for Law Enforcement
Human Intelligence for SpecOps Personnel
Human Intelligence Targeting
Human Trafficking Investigation
Interviewing Techniques and Truth Verification
Introduction to Handwriting Analysis
Legal Aspects of Private Investigation
Living Large
Principles of Private Investigations
Sources of Information for Private Investigators
System Requirements
Windows 98 or later / OR Mac OS X or later / OR Linux with accelerated X
Browser capable of supporting Flash Player 7
Adobe Flash Player 9 or later - Click here to get the latest version of Flash Player.
128 MB RAM
Pentium III 600 MHz or faster processor / OR Mac G4 600 MHz or faster
Audio capability
High speed Internet - ADSL, Cable, T1+ (>=512 kBps)