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Ron Azzarello
Adjunct Instructor

Mr. Azzarello is a surveillance and investigation specialist with 35 years experience in corporate loss prevention, executive protection, stalker intervention, and legal investigation. He provides advanced Technical Counter-Surveillance, Level I & II TSCM, and is a court qualified expert witness in FCRA consumer reporting investigative agency compliance
and regulated investigative agency operations.

Mr. Azzarello is experienced in directing surveillance teams and undercover operations, and worked for the NAACP and Federal Defender program. He is certified as an LEO at Chicago's Police Academy, and was trained in Advanced Combat Pistolcraft by John Farnam, Defense Training. In 1988, he opened and still operates a successful full service agency, holding "A", "C", "CW", "D", "G", and "M" licenses.

In 1996, he documented a Florida foreseeable wrongful death by negligent security tort, published in Marvin Belli's Journal. He was the only PI on the Dole-Kemp presidential campaign stop's protection detail in Tampa. A Dispute Resolution Hearing Officer trained by the Duval County Florida State Attorney in 1998, he mediated disagreements and negotiated criminal complaints.

He was the first, 1st VP and founding Director of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) in which he chaired Governmental Affairs and Educational Committees, and formed FALIPAC. As the last past president of PAPI, he proffered new statutory language that is still part of Chapter 493 F.S.

Certified by Pinellas County Schools, Career Technical Adult Education's, Law Enforcement program, Ron taught private investigation for 8 years in one of only two schools, then accepted by the Division that granted intern experience. Besides tradecraft journals, he has been published in "Florida Pharmacy Today", "Merchant's Security Exchange", and "The Florida Retailer".